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July 1, 2021

The Lafaya Way

The Lafaya Way
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The Lafaya Way promotes healing in conjunction with every human’s authentic desire to connect with one another in a healthy way, by living their “Honest Truth.”

Lafaya Mitchell joins this week's episode to talk about being an author as well as her experience as a therapist to families, couples and those Hypersensitive Individuals. We discuss what led her to the path to have a deep connection with those who encompass hypersensitive traits. She also gives advice on how to find a therapist that works for you, the importance of dismissing the stigma surrounding therapy, healthy ways to reflect on progress, and more. 

Ms. Mitchell's specializations include: Hypersensitive Individuals (Autism Spectrum, ADHD, other moderate to severe social, emotional, and behavioral issues), Intergenerational Trauma, School Relations (i.e. bullying, student-teacher, etc.), Faith-based Relations, Professional/Work-Place Relations, Community Relations and Cops. 

You can find ways to connect to her at her website, Home - Peace of Mind Therapeutic Solutions // THE LAFAYA WAY

You can purchase her books on Amazon at Amazon.com

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