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Late diagnosis

I was diagnosed at the age of 37. I was starting nursing school and also around the same time got the diagnosis of bipolar 2. I wish I had this podcast then. I love this podcast and it is so helpful as I struggle with my journey as a nurse with ADHD. I started as a new nurse in observation and just recently moved to Post Partum. If I had this podcast when I started obs, I don’t think I would have struggled as much as I did. Thank you for your time, knowledge, and awareness for those of us like you! Thank you for your help, tips, and support!!

An ED RN with ADHD

I was diagnosed finally a few years ago, after spending most of my life feeling like I just couldn’t cut it. It always took me longer to get the goods grades, working in the ED I did a great job with direct patient care, but balancing everything and keeping track of everything was a different story, so I worked harder than most and accomplished less. It came to a head on one possibility busy day, and I was like there has GOT to be something wrong with me. So I finally talked to my doctor. She asked me a bunch of questions and started me on vyvanse. There are so many things in my life that are so much better now. I love this show because I feel like I’min great company here, and it’s awesome to hear other people’s experiences and to know I’m not alone in all these battles I’ve faced throughout my life. Thank you for this podcast Jami. I really appreciate the information you share!!!

So good! So empowering 💪

I love that Jami not only talks about the struggles of having ADHD… but also the perks. Becoming aware of why I’m having a hard time or avoiding something and how to combat that along with learning how to channel my neurodivergent brain to tap into my ADHD super powers has been so empowering and life giving for me! And so much of what I have learned has been on this podcast! Thank you! ❤️

Women + Nurses + ADHD = Awesome People

Dear Jami, I haven’t quite finished the first episode yet, but I’m SO excited to binge listen to your podcast! You and I are similar; I wasn’t diagnosed until February 2022 at the age of 37, and I’m a RN, BSN in critical care (except I’m a NICU nurse). I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found someone who can *understand* how I experience ADHD (and has probably also researched it down to the cellular level, HAHA!). Seriously though, I’m glad you’re going into specifics about how ADHD affects us - and how we can thrive - in our high stress, fast paced work environments. Thank you for your transparency and follow-through by making this show!! And also thanks for *not* making the episodes too long…because ya know, ADHD probs. :D Sincerely, another Neurodivergent Nurse


I’m listening to the first episode and I just had to stop and say THANK YOU! I am just so grateful for your transparency and conviction to share! I worked as an LPN after a long struggle in school. I went back for my RN and I just didn’t fulfill my potential. My ADHD has gotten so problematic over the years. I’m so excited to listen further and maybe find the answers I’m searching for! I just need help finding the right medicine and setting myself up for success in my home, my marriage, and as a parent!


I am a nurse and my husband, who has ADHD, is currently going through nursing school. We also have at least one of our 4 boys who has adhd. I am loving this podcast! Helps me to understand them and also my nursing students at the university where I teach. I recommend your podcast and sometimes we listen to you in class! Keep up the great work!

Great podcast!!!

Jami is fun and enjoyable as she talks real talk about being a nurse and having ADHD. As an adult who was only recently diagnosed myself, I appreciate her honest and open way of handling being neurodivergent. Keep up the good work!!!

Never miss an episode. Hands down the best mental health podcast on apple

Jami is not only a master of her craft as a critical care nurse but also the voice for all of us ADHD’rs out there who feel lost and misunderstood. She is also one of the kindest and most authentic human beings out there who serves as a vocal catalyst of hope and understanding for not only her ADHD audience but for all neuro-diverse people (and their neuro-typical partners, family members, and friends) eager to learn how to use their ADHD as a superpower.

Mental Health

My daughter Bridget sent me your podcast…How great to hear I am actually doing somethings correctly. Eating right thanks to my wife’s cooking, we exercise regularly and get plenty of scheduled sleep. I have sleep apnea and wear my CPAp every night. One of the most interesting things I heard was individuals who have this diagnosis have low self esteem …This makes sense re never feeling good enough in high school. This has carried on in so many of my endeavors even as a nurse myself. I am forwarding this to my wife so she can possibly send it to her daughter also a nurse. Thank you for your clear post…Keep up the good work Carol Rasmussen

From 1 ND RN to another

Just found your podcast!!! Thank you for sharing this information and for sharing on a personal level as well. It’s reinforced things I already knew and I have learned some more helpful tips. I finally found that being the primary on-call weekend nurse for a hospice company is the perfect position. I am passionate about hospice, It’s face paced, I don’t have a caseload (case management was so not my thing) but I get to do a little bit of everything. Keep it up. I just listened to the one on weight loss and it was like bam!!! Yes thank you for putting it all together for me!!!! Your new fan, Kim, RN

Thank you for the podcast

Thanks so much for the podcast, I tell all my friends and patients about ti...the information is invaluable and I feel at home listening to you describe your life experience...thank you thank you...keep up the amazing work!!

Just discovered! Good info, well presented

Jamie presents her topics in a practical and positive way. So glad I found this!