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March 17, 2023

Dare To Do Things With The Hosts of The Bar Is Ankle High

Dare To Do Things With The Hosts of The Bar Is Ankle High

"As I've gotten older, it's also that thing of, Having a shorter memory shelf than having the inability to really juggle a thousand different intense relationships all at once has made it so that I can respect other people's need for space." -Katie

Check out this week's episode as Jami chats with the hosts of The Bar is Ankle High Podcast. Garet and Katie talk about their journey of ADHD diagnosis and stepping out to start a podcast.

The Bar is Ankle High is bringing you your new favorite podcast about life, love, friendships, and everything in between, all powered by chaos and ADHD!

Garet and Katie leave listeners with 4 tips they would give about stepping out and doing "the thing" whether it be starting a podcast or pursuing a job you really want.

You can listen to their podcast here.

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